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Introduction to cheese tasting

1h30 discovery with Véronique and Léo

Cheese knowledge

Cheese tasting

€ 35

per persoon

De workshop in detail

  • 1u30
  • 5 tot 12 deelnemers
  • 15 jaar min.
  • Welcome to Véronique and Léo's beautiful shop for an introduction to cheese tasting, a product they are very familiar with!

    It all starts with some theoretical explanations about cheese, its conception and history.

    The specialists will then guide you through the classics, starting with simple tastes such as salty, sweet, bitter and sour.

    Then, you will embark on more advanced tastings by following the tasting instructions. Your senses will be sharpened! Between sight, smell, touch and finally taste, you will have to go through everything to understand the subtleties of a cheese.

    You will taste several specialities with a fresh look at this product, for your greatest pleasure!

    Locatie van de workshop

    De workshop is gemakkelijk bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer.

    Deze plaats is toegankelijk voor mensen met beperkte mobiliteit.

    Extra informatie

    Talen van de workshop


    Wecandoo - Ontmoet Véronique & Léo.

    Ontmoet Véronique & Léo.


    Véronique and Léo are an amazing mother-son duo!

    Native of the Jura, they raised goats before moving to Belgium. Véronique specialises in herbal medicine. Léo has always had his hands in cheese. On the farm, he made cheese with his sister throughout his childhood.

    After having moved, the passion for cheese remained! He started working in Paris while Véronique was elected First Cheese maker of Belgium in 2016, which is similar to the Best Craftsman of France (MOF)!

    In July 2017, they decide to join forces and launch "La Fruitière" together, a polymorphous place dedicated to cheese. Right in the centre of Brussels, you can find a cheese shop coupled with a magnificent cheese bar where sourced and matured dairy products are king! It is a place of exchange, hospitality and encounter where everyone can take a break and enjoy cheese.

    Visit them and admire their four maturing cellars visible from the street! Epicureans and enthusiasts, they will welcome you with enthusiasm to share their passion for fine cheeses.

    1 beoordeling

    Ekaterina P

    Ekaterina P


    Thank you for this lovely St. Valentine's evening in a very pleasant company! It was very interesting to analyse all the tastes and controll the sence what we usually don't do while eating. However I was a bit disappointed, and not only me, because I had the chance to exchange impressions with the other participants. I was expacting a real degustation of chesees as it was announced. In practice we spend the first hour exploring our sences (which was very inforamtive but too dragged-out) and the last 30 minutes tasted four pieces of cheese. I would like to learn more about cheeses and there history and maybe also try a bit more, this store has an exeptional cheese varienty! And it would be also good if we could buy smth t hte end. Nonetheless thank you!

    € 35

    per persoon