Create your own large terrarium

Brussel, Sint-Bonifaas

Learn about how to arrange plants and customise your own large terrarium with Audrey, the plant designer

Maak kennis met Audrey V
Designer végétal

1hr30 initiation with Audrey

Knowledge of botanic composition

Your own large terrarium

89 €  / persoon

Verloop van de workshop

Enter the fascinating world of plant creation and make a unique creation with Audrey!

After a visit of the lovely workshop and a short introduction where Audrey will talk about her background and influences, she will explain the functioning of this self-sufficient ecosystem.

You will choose the elements that will compose your creation among a nice selection of plants, mosses and gravel. You will be able to choose the shape of your container, which can be cylindrical or a 10L demijohn.

Step by step, your terrarium will start to emerge in the most harmonious way possible.

After a few maintenance tips from Audrey, you will proudly leave with your large terrarium under your arm.

Een privé-workshop houden

Houd een privé-workshop en geniet van dit gezellige en bijzondere moment met collega's of vrienden:

Praktische informatie


2 - 6 pers.


Privé-workshop mogelijk

15 jaar min.

Talen van de workshop

Deze workshop wordt gehouden in Français, English

Maak kennis Audrey V.

Audrey used to work in an NGO. She has always been passionate about plants though and used to spend hours learning about cuttings, how a terrarium works, the specifics of a rare plant and plenty of other botanic fields.

When she saw that Agave, her local plant store, was closing, she decided to take up the challenge so that plant lovers could continue to find unique plants and advice and why not express their creativity during workshops.

The bubbly, creative and so passionate Audrey is delighted to welcome you in her gorgeous store, where you can admire the elegant front window and the brightness of the space: a real little green heaven !

Plaats van de workshop

L’atelier est facilement accessible en transport en commun.


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