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Maak kennis met Sandrine.

Spice maker


Born into a family passionate about gastronomy and travel, Sandrine began her career in finance before setting off to explore the Congo, where she fell in love with Kivu pepper.

Since then, she has been constantly traveling the world in search of rare and exceptional spices, which she produces and markets with passion and commitment.

Her production network in the Congo guarantees impeccable quality and traceability for spices such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander, vanilla, pepper, and of course the famous Kivu pepper.

But the passionate artisan doesn't stop there: Sandrine also offers origin spices and specialties from other producers and regions around the world.

In November 2021, she took the leap and opened her shop in the heart of Brussels, becoming an Ali Baba's cave of spices for foodies and cooking enthusiasts.

Through her love for spices, Sandrine aims to awaken consciousness and taste buds by sharing her expertise on spice production, drying, and usage in cooking.

Her captivating personality and unique experience will transport you on an exceptional sensorial journey.