Model your own tapas tray

Brussels, Laeken

Explore the techniques of modelling and make your own tapas tray with Dieter, ceramist and turner

Meet Dieter T
Artisan Ceramist & Spinner

2-hour introductory session with Dieter

Knowledge of ceramic modelling

Your beautiful tapas tray

75 €  / person

Workshop description

Firstly, Dieter welcomes you with a smile to his beautiful workshop! Then, he'll teach you a little about ceramics and the different techniques used to create beautiful items. 

You'll also see that there are several modelling techniques, but in this workshop you'll be focusing on the pinch or mould technique!

The first step is to prepare the clay to remove air bubbles. Then, it's time for modelling. Dieter will accompany you step by step in the creation of your tray to ensure you make something that you'll love for a long time to come.

Once your tray is finished, Dieter will take care of the glazing and firing. You can then pick it up a few weeks later! 

This workshop is an opportunity to try your hand at clay modelling with a true enthusiast and to create a beautiful tapas tray to display proudly at every dinner party! 

Organise a private workshop

Make this workshop private and take advantage of thisunusual fun occasion to share with colleagues or friends:

Practical information


4 - 5 pp


Can be made private

15 years min.

Languages of the workshop

This workshop is conducted in Français, English, Nederlands

Meet Dieter T.

Dieter is a creative person with a love of nature. Beekeeper, ceramist and photographer, he practices all three on a daily basis! 

He fell in love with nature when he was younger and it's been a passion ever since. This is why a lot of his personal photographic projects have focused on capturing the beauty of nature, as well as various environmental issues. 

His concern for the environment led him to become a beekeeper. Dieter has about thirty hives and loves teaching others about his craft. 

More recently, his love of the Earth and its elements led him to the world of ceramics. Being able to create something beautiful from clay fascinates him. And he's more than happy to share his knowledge and expertise with you!

Cat lovers are very welcome!

Workshop location

Dieter's workshop is located in Brussels and can be reached by metro line 6, Stuyvenbergh stop.


Alice L.

The 05/12/2022
Dieter nous a accueilli dans son superbe atelier et nous a initié aux différentes techniques céramiques allant du modelage aux colombins en passant par le tour ! Il a fait preuve de beaucoup de patience et de pédagogie, et nous sommes ressortis ravis de notre atelier ! Très belle découverte et belle rencontre, on se réjouit de voir le résultat une fois cuit !

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