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Our Bookbinding and Photography workshops

Check out our workshops' themes: printing, typography, silk-screening, photography... I ink therefore I am !

Wecandoo - Our Bookbinding and Photography workshops

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Learn the essentials with a paper workshop and craft paper making workshop

Explore the Art of Paper Craft and Unleash Your Creativity

Step into our paper craft workshop, where skilled artisans will introduce you to various techniques such as marbled paper (suminagashi or ebru), silk screening, and more. Create sheets adorned with delicate patterns by manipulating colors and materials to craft unique and original creations.

Family-Friendly Papermaking Workshop

Embark on an engaging family activity and immerse yourselves in the art of papermaking with a seasoned bookbinder. Learn to mix the pulp, sift the preparation, insert felts in between, and pass the entire creation through a press to obtain your very own handmade paper sheets. Leave the workshop with your own beautiful creations in hand.

Marbled Paper Creations Workshops

Join our marbled paper workshop to create stunning sheets brimming with vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Dive into the classic ancient art of bookbinding and the world of books, and discover the mesmerizing techniques of marbling. In Japan, it's known as "suminagashi," and in Turkey, it's "ebru."

Discover the Japanese Art of Suminagashi in a Paper Workshop

Delve into the art of suminagashi through the expertise of a craft bookbinder. This technique involves the captivating process of decorating a sheet through ink manipulation. Arrange colors in a tank to create intricate patterns and then place a sheet on them to transfer the mesmerizing designs.

Explore the Art of Screen Printing on Recycled Materials

Participate in our craft workshop to learn the techniques of screen printing. Craft a paste from recycled sheets, sieve it, and apply it to canvas. Layer by layer, you'll print a stunning array of colorful writing materials, all while being eco-conscious.

Paper and Nature Unite in Original Creations

Combine the beauty of nature with the versatility of paper in various craft workshops. Meet with a skilled paper artisan and discover the hidden aspects of their profession.

Crafting Paper Flowers: A Creative Delight

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, immerse yourself in a fantastic creative workshop. Learn the step-by-step process of crafting paper flowers, whether simple or complex, depending on your preferences. The artisan provides all the materials you need to assemble your flower, from the delicate petals to the intricate stamen. Enjoy a 3-hour learning experience in this captivating and original activity.