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Our Woodworking workshops

Wood you be mine ? Immerse yourself in the different smells of wood and make your own craft: a designer bookcase, sunglasses, a longboard, a table... Beard, axe and checked shirt not included.

Wecandoo - Our Woodworking workshops

Over 391 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its craft and leave with your creation

Learn woodworking with a woodworking workshop

With a woodworking workshop, anyone can make their own furniture. Children's toys, kitchen utensils and surfboards are just some of the items that can be designed with the help of a woodworker. Amateurs and wood enthusiasts can progress at their own pace in a woodworking workshop for all levels.

A wood workshop to create beautiful furniture

There's nothing more satisfying than learning to create wooden objects with your own hands! With a woodworking course you can make any piece of furniture, whatever your level. A woodworking workshop is as educational as a home improvement video. For students, it's a chance to experiment under real conditions. And what a pleasure it will be to walk away from a woodworking workshop with a handmade object under your arm!

Woodworking courses for beginners and experts

An introductory woodworking course makes art and craft accessible to everyone. Participants will learn how to make their own templates and cut out a piece of wood. They'll keep a close eye on their work with the help of a fully equipped workshop. Workbenches and tools will enable them to make a wide range of furniture. Participants will learn to identify different types of wood so they can choose the right one for their creation. Wood enthusiasts will also enjoy this woodworking workshop as they will have complete autonomy in using the equipment. And there's plenty of opportunity for social interaction.

Why choose a woodworking workshop for individuals?

Taking part in a workshop is a thousand times better than watching videos. What makes this course so special is that you will be guided by a cabinetmaker. He will share his passion by teaching you how to use clamps, rasps, chisels, trusquins... or how to cut a board. At the end of the workshop, students will receive feedback on their work. With the information they have gathered, they will be able to progress more quickly than by simply watching videos. It's a workshop that encourages students to go further in their craft practice!

Sign up for a woodworking workshop 

Many woodworking courses for individuals are organised throughout the year. Why not set aside a Saturday to take part in this fun activity? In a fully equipped room, beginners and wood enthusiasts can develop their furniture-making projects.