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Discover the Art of Stone: Carving, Mosaic, and Concrete

At the heart of our world of artisanal skills, mastering the art of stone blends tradition and creativity. Our introductory stone workshops immerse you in a fascinating realm where art merges with technique, allowing you to craft enduring and elegant creations.

Stone Carving: Precision Sculpting of Material

Stone carving is an ancient technique that demands patience, precision, and a profound connection with the stone itself. In our workshops, you'll uncover the secrets of this discipline, from selecting the right stone to creating exquisite sculpted pieces. You'll master traditional tools such as chisels and sculptor's hammers and develop your artistic sensibility to breathe life into unique works of art. Explore how stone carving can transform raw stone into a masterpiece, including advanced techniques like stone engraving and polishing.

Mosaic Art: Breathing Life into Vibrant Creations

Mosaic art is a form of creative expression that involves the meticulous composition of stone, glass, and ceramic fragments to fashion intricate patterns and images. In our mosaic workshops, you'll explore this ancient art form and develop your own unique style. Learn how to cut, arrange, and glue stone fragments to produce vibrant artwork, whether it's abstract or figurative. Our mosaic classes introduce you to various laying techniques, including the direct and indirect methods, enabling you to craft mosaic wall art, tabletops, and much more.

Concrete Casting: The Fusion of Stone and Cement

Concrete casting is a modern technique often combined with stone to create durable and functional structures. Our workshops will guide you through the process of mixing, casting, and finishing concrete to create stone and concrete objects, be it furniture, architectural elements, or contemporary sculptures. Discover how to integrate stone elements into concrete creations, merging the strength of stone with the versatility of concrete.

Let our team of experienced artisans impart the essential skills for working with stone, whether it's the traditional art of stone carving, the refinement of mosaic art, or the endless possibilities offered by concrete. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to hone your skills, our introductory stone workshops are designed to offer a enriching and creative experience.

Explore the world of stone, unleash your creativity, and create lasting memories while acquiring skills that will serve you a lifetime. Join us for an unforgettable artistic adventure.