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Our cosmetics workshops

Take some time for yourself. Whether it's make-up, skincare or fragrances, our artisans will help you imagine the products you'll be wearing tomorrow. Book quickly for a cocooning, artisanal moment that's sure to please.

Wecandoo - Our cosmetics workshops

Over 391 experiences available

Open the doors of a workshop, learn about its craft and leave with your creation

Take part in a cosmetics production workshop

Find a course in cosmetic product making near you

During a 1h30 to 3h course, you will learn how to choose and mix the right ingredients to create a face cream, shampoo, balm or toothpaste. The artisans will share their favourite recipes with you as they teach you how to make natural cosmetics.

Create your own skin cream

Choose a workshop to create your own skin care cream. Learn how to make your own cream for the face, body and hands using essential oils and plant extracts. The artisan will give you advice based on the type of skin you have. You can make a homemade, bespoke BB cream with pigments to match your skin tone. In a small group, you'll enjoy a relaxed and convivial moment. Creativity and knowledge sharing are on the agenda.

Homemade hair cosmetics

Take part in a cosmetics workshop and learn how to make your own hair care products for men and women. You can choose between a solid shampoo with plant and mineral powders, a liquid shampoo with a cocktail of active ingredients or a conditioner.

Deodorant and toothpaste making courses

You can opt for a training module dedicated to making a deodorant or toothpaste from 100% natural paste. You choose the ingredients and benefit from the advice of a real cosmetics designer. To complete your training, you can take a full cosmetics course over several days, including a make-up workshop.

Create your own routine kit

You'll learn how to make your own micellar water or cleansing milk during a dedicated beauty routine course. You can also choose a module to create a bespoke emulsion and serum. You will assemble the active ingredients needed to create quality cosmetics and combine them to suit your skin type. The preparations are then poured into pre-sterilised containers. You're sure to have all the information you need about the contents of your beauty products!