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Meet Eva & Francesco.

Soap Makers


Meet Francesco, a pharmacist by profession. His favourite activities? Blackberry and mushroom picking. And then there's Eva, a toxicology specialist with an MA in biomedical sciences, who's passionate about beekeeping, chocolate making and deciphering text on labels.

They met at uni when they were both involved in 2 "kot" projects (a theme-based flat-share scheme): the Coqueli'kot with its ecological focus and the Chef'kot with a culinary aim. They quickly got into the habit of analysing the contents of their plate... and it was only natural that they did the same for their bathroom products. That's when their great adventure began: why not make their own soap?

They pooled their scientific knowledge (pharmacy and toxicology, which helps!) and made their first cold-pressed soap. Happy with the results, they went on to make shampoos, serums and scrubs that became a huge hit with their families and friends. They then put their professional careers on hold and headed off to explore the world and learn more about other cultures! A year of globe-trotting gave rise to the serious idea of producing cosmetics that are environmentally friendly and kind to skin.

Their company was launched in 2016. It's 100% locally-focused, using products made in Belgium and distributed in Belgium! 

Today, Francesco and Eva will welcome you to a huge, beautiful workshop! There is a manufacturing area, a workshop area and a sales/shop area.