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Meet Astrid.



Meet Astrid, a creative and passionate typographer who grew up in her parents' printing house, surrounded by the smell of ink and paper.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in typography at La Cambre and her Master's in graphic design in Ghent in 2015, Astrid embarked on an internship at a printing house before quickly starting her own business.

Drawing inspiration from her family's lead letters, she ventured into the world of artisanal printing and established her own printing house.

Astrid loves collaborating with other artisans who share her passion for traditional techniques. She even showcases some of their work in her small gallery. She also creates (typo)graphic works, which strike a perfect balance between her training and her artistic inspiration.

Today, Astrid is thrilled to pass on her expertise and love for typography, freeing the creativity of others through the medium of paper and ink.