Create your own design pendant lamp

Brussels, Saint-Gilles

Discover the art of origami and design your own pendant lamp with Benjamin, paper designer

Meet Benjamin G
Paper Designer

3.5 hours of discovery with Benjamin

Knowledge in lamp design

Your designer pendant lamp

79 €  / person

Workshop description

Welcome to Benjamin's beautiful workshop for the creation of a beautiful designer pendant lamp! This lamp will use the concepts of origami, the art of paper folding. Although this art originated in China, it is the Japanese who have become the masters of this art.

Benjamin learned this art in order to master the technique and to use it as a creative tool. He has succeeded in using this oriental technique to make modern design objects. The projection of ideas, the preparation of materials, the handwork are all steps to go from a sheet of paper to a unique 3-dimensional object. 

To create your lamp, you will prepare the lines with a ruler and a pencil. It is essential to be very rigorous and precise!

Benjamin will guide you through all the steps for a great result!

You will leave this workshop with new knowledge about this magical skill as well as a beautiful modern pendant lamp, the result of your meticulous folding, cutting and assembly work!

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Practical information


3 - 6 pp


Can be made private

15 years old min.

Languages of the workshop

This workshop is conducted in Français, English

Meet Benjamin G.

Native of Guadeloupe, Benjamin has always been manual and creative! On the island, he used to create driftwood lights.

When he arrived in Belgium, he worked as a sales assistant in telecommunications. He discovered origami while looking for a hobby. He quickly became fascinated by this complex art and ended up making it his profession!

Self-taught, the designer Paul Jackson will then reveal to him another practice of origami which combines design and utility! He then returned to his original love of lighting and decided to launch a collection of origami lighting. He has never stopped creating since!

So, he launched his brand, Ben Artside, which allows him to combine his passion for interior design and his freedom of expression through the wide possibilities in terms of form and style. He expresses this freedom of expression through the practice of different folding techniques. His aim is to use his mastery of origami to push the boundaries of lampshade design to make them unique and original.

In his creations, he uses recycled materials and gives style and new life to forgotten objects through upcycling. For Ben, design and ecology must go hand in hand: that's why he has been working since June 2017 with the Nos Pilfs farm, which transforms wood waste from construction sites into supports for Ben's lamps, so that each creation is handmade for a unique result!

Diligent and always smiling, he welcomes you with enthusiasm to share his know-how that he never stops rediscovering every day!

His favourite expression? Art is beautiful when the hand, the head and the heart work together - John Ruskin

Workshop location

The workshop is easily accessible with public transport.


Hélène B.

The 10/26/2022
Merci Benjamin d’avoir partagé ta passion de l’origami et de nous avoir permis de réaliser ce bel abat-jour Tu nous as montré que c’était à la portée de tous Nous avons passé un moment agréable et convivial, à la fois concentrée sur les pliages mais aussi d’échanges.
Benjamin est très accueillant

Sophie J.

The 10/02/2022
Magnifique atelier! Entourés des créations de Benjamin nous sommes guidés pas à pas, avec sourire et bienveillance. Merci Benjamin pour ce moment de concentration et de détente.

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