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Discover woodturning and make your own candle holder

2.5 hours initiation into wood turning

Skills to craft your own wooden candle holder

Your beautifully crafted candle holder to display proudly at home

99 €

par personne

L'atelier en détail

  • 2h30
  • 1 à 2 participants
  • 15 ans min.
  • Get ready to turn local wood into a beautiful tea light holder in this exciting two and a half hour woodturning workshop!

    Led by Max, an expert in the art of woodturning, you'll learn how to use a woodturning lathe to transform raw wood into a stunning piece of functional art.

    Max has two woodturning lathe models available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You'll start by selecting your wood from a variety of local options, all sourced from the beautiful Kempen region.

    You will learn the basics of woodturning, first under the guidance of Max and later you can experiment all on your own! You will choose the shape of your tea light holders and design them while turning. When you are happy with the shape only a quick sanding is needed to finish your creation. At the end of the day you take your very own woodturned creation home! You'll also learn about the importance of conservation and how to care for your new wooden creation.

    Throughout the workshop, Max will provide water and tea to keep you refreshed and energised. In the summer the big door of the workshop can be opened to let in the sunshine and in the winter a little stove will create warmth inside the shop.

    Join us for a memorable experience that combines creativity and craftsmanship, and take home a beautiful piece of locally-sourced wood to treasure for years to come!

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    Ce lieu n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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    Throughout the workshop, Max will provide plenty of water and tea to keep you refreshed and energised. 

    Heated workspace in the winter.

    Wecandoo - Rencontrez Max

    Rencontrez Max

    Wood turner

    Meet Max, the artist whose passion for design and creativity has led him to create unique pieces of art that showcase the natural beauty of local wood species.

    Max's workshops are a testament to his commitment to sustainability and ecology. Each piece he creates is made from trees in the province of Antwerp that were either blown down or removed for other reasons, giving them a second life.

    Through his creations, Max offers a small oasis of tranquillity in our hectic society, inviting us to contemplate and enjoy the little things in life.

    But that's not all. Max also offers workshops in wood turning, where you can create your very own vase, bowl, or candle holder. These workshops take place in an outdoor workspace, featuring two woodturning machines. And to keep you refreshed during the workshops, tea and water are readily available.

    In the winter, the workshop can get chilly, but don't worry - Max has got you covered. He's installed a small fire pit to keep you warm and cosy while you work on your project.

    Join Max and discover the beauty and creativity of woodworking.

    5 commentaires

    Caro V

    Caro V


    Het was een geweldige ervaring! Een leuke workshop, heel leerrijk en MAX JE WAS EEN GEWELDIG MENTOR. We hebben er ook van genoten. Zeker een aanrader voor wie graag met hout speelt. Maar ook een enorme aanrader voor wie feitelijk er niets van kent, de ervaring is FANTASTISCH en je krijgt een zelf gecreëerd theelichtje mee naar huis.

    Roberto C

    Roberto C


    A huge shoutout to Max for his incredible wood turning workshop! Max's expertise and warm personality shine through, making him an exceptional mentor. His passion for reviving wood and sharing his craft was truly inspiring! Max follows you patiently and closely in every step of the transformation of a simple block of wood into a beautiful, intricate creation! So no previous experience in woodworking is required!

    Heidi V

    Heidi V


    Het was een heel interessante workshop. Max legde alles duidelijk uit. En het resultaat mag er zeker wezen (al zeg ik het zelf)

    Heidi V

    Heidi V


    Het was een heel interessante workshop. Max heeft alles grondig uitgelegd. Volgens, mijn bescheiden mening, mag het resultaat er echt zijn.

    Benjamin M

    Benjamin M


    It was a very wonderful experience with Max! We went with my girlfriend for her birthday, she very appreciated and me also👍! We have learn a lots of things and we are very happy of this experience. Thank you very much! 🙏

    99 €

    par personne