Learn how to turn your own wooden bowl

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Discover the craft of wood turning and craft your own wooden bowl or platter with wood turner Max

Rencontrez Max S
Wood turner

4 hours initiation in wood turning

Skills to craft your own wooden bowl

Your own handcrafted wooden bowl to display proudly at home

175 €  / personne

Déroulement de l'atelier

Step into the world of woodworking with Max and create your very own bowl or platter! In this workshop, you will learn how to use a turning wheel or woodturning lathe to transform a piece of local wood from the Kempen region into a beautiful and functional piece of art.

Max has two woodturning lathe models (small and large) and you'll have the opportunity to use both during the workshop. With Max's guidance and expertise, you'll learn the techniques needed to turn your piece of wood into a stunning bowl or platter.

After the woodworking is complete, your creation will be oiled and dried for 24 hours, but you can take it home with you right away. Max will provide you with a plastic bag to protect your piece during this period, and he'll explain why and how to conserve it.

Only local wood will be used, and participants can choose from the available selection of wood. Water and tea will be provided to keep you refreshed throughout the workshop.

Join Max for a hands-on woodworking experience and create a unique piece that you can be proud of!

Informations pratiques


1 - 2 pers.


15 ans min.

Langues de l'atelier

Cet atelier est animé en English, Nederlands

Rencontrez Max S.

Meet Max, the artist whose passion for design and creativity has led him to create unique pieces of art that showcase the natural beauty of local wood species.

Max's workshops are a testament to his commitment to sustainability and ecology. Each piece he creates is made from trees in the province of Antwerp that were either blown down or removed for other reasons, giving them a second life.

Through his creations, Max offers a small oasis of tranquillity in our hectic society, inviting us to contemplate and enjoy the little things in life.

But that's not all. Max also offers workshops in wood turning, where you can create your very own vase, bowl, or candle holder. These workshops take place in an outdoor workspace, featuring two woodturning machines. And to keep you refreshed during the workshops, tea and water are readily available.

In the winter, the workshop can get chilly, but don't worry - Max has got you covered. He's installed a small fire pit to keep you warm and cosy while you work on your project.

Join Max and discover the beauty and creativity of woodworking.

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