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Meet Laura.



French jewellery designer, Laura sails between Paris, the Netherlands and Italy for her passion!

After studying art history and a degree in sculpture applied to metal, and after assisting different artists, designers and jewellers with very different universes, she launched her first collection in 2015.

Born into a family of French jewellers with oriental and Scandinavian influences, she was able to experience the beauty of design and jewellery at an early age, watching her uncle and then her cousin sculpt silver with intelligence and simplicity.

Each piece of jewellery is designed as a small sculpture to be worn. In solid silver, gilded brass, vermeil or solid gold. She designs and creates each piece of the collection in her workshop, using traditional tools. Working in total freedom, Laura offers a collection that does not follow the rhythm of fashion but is dedicated to making high quality jewellery with a strong design that makes it timeless.