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Meet Camille.

Cosmetic Expert


Camille is a cosmetics expert! 

Before launching her company, Biocam, Camille had a hobby, a passion, but above all, an ecological frame of mind. 

Commitment has become greater and greater, and curiosity about the world of natural cosmetics is even keener! 

What began as a life choice has turned out to be a professional choice. 

Trained in art history and exhibition design, she launched Biocam in September 2019 to make a living from her passion for cosmetics.

She is a graduate of the Bioflore School of Applied Aromatherapy and is committed to providing advice so that everyone can find the beauty routine and products that best suit their needs.

The products offered in her lovely store, located in a charming little narrow street, just a stone's throw from the Grand Place in Brussels, are almost exclusively from Belgian brands.

She is cheerful and attentive, and would be delighted to welcome you to one of her workshops.