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Meet Gaelle.



For Gaëlle, working with leather is above all a family affair!

The artisan has always had a passion for sewing. Her aunt, a leatherworker for several years, suggested that she try her hand at leatherwork. Gaëlle then became passionate about leather work and trained for it!

Since 2016, the former French teacher has been immersed in the aromas of leather and has lovingly created, first for herself, then for her family, her friends and her friends' friends... before taking the step of changing careers!

Since 2020, Gaëlle has devoted herself 100% to leather goods from her workshop, where she creates and sells her work. In other words, saddle stitching no longer holds any secrets for her!

Advocating an ethical, local and reasoned approach, Gaëlle offers quality leathers that respect the environment and the animal. The leathers of the Tannerie Radermecker are selected from European cattle farms that respect animal welfare. The hides are processed here in Belgium using a vegetable tanning method that respects the environment, the animals and the leather artisans.

Moreover, Gaëlle is a teacher at heart and her love for teaching is not new. Before she started working 100% with leather goods, she used to give French lessons to people who had recently arrived in Belgium to help them with their integration.

The workshops take place at Lokal, a Belgian artisanal concept store in Brussels. The place is very nice, full of charm and gives customers the opportunity to do their craft shopping.

The bubbly Gaëlle can't wait to open the doors of her workshop to you!