Customize your piece of clothing with some NC touch

Brussel, Grote Markt

Discover the world of fashion design and pimp your own piece of clothing with Natacha, fashion designer

30 minute initiation with Natacha

Knowledge of fashion design

Your unique piece of clothing

19 €  / persoon

Verloop van de workshop

PRIVATE WORKSHOP: enjoy a privileged moment with the craftsman and benefit from a personalized guidance to create a unique piece!

This little yet exciting workshop will give you the opportunity to learn some amazing tips about sewing and how to give your piece of clothing a second life by adding some fun and unique NC touch details.

You will bring the piece of clothing you want to customize. The fashion designer will instantly suggest great ideas that will make all the difference and that will enhance your body type and your skin tone.

You have then two options. You can choose to make the changes yourself, based on Natacha's recommendations, or you can decide, after discussing the cost, to ask her to make them.

Two to three weeks later, you will be able to pick up your customized piece of clothing.

Praktische informatie


1 pers.


15 jaar min.

Talen van de workshop

Deze workshop wordt gehouden in Français, English

Maak kennis Natacha Cadonici.

Of Italian and Russian origin, everything predisposed Natacha to become a designer and an artisan: Russian great-grandparents breeders of Astrakhan sheep, a daddy shoemaker who worked diligently on his sewing machine and maintained joyful contact with his customers, a mother who used to have custom dresses at a local seamstress and an Italian aunt, a stunning lady, who had set up her own beauty and hairdressing salon in the centre of Milan.

After studying Roman Philology and Letters at the Free University of Brussels, then Fashion Design at Saint-Luc Institute, Natasha started, in 2006, to create unique tops that are elegant yet not too fancy, comfortable and stylish. She opted for viscose jersey as it is a very comfortable material, very pleasant on the skin, natural, easy to work with, easy to wash and lasts over time.

To make sure her creations are more than a simple T-shirt, she decided to add some nice details such as cotton and wool in cutouts, asymmetrical necklines, punchy graphic elements like piping or ribbed edges, which give light to her basic colors: navy blue and black.

The ribbing Natacha creates are knitted exclusively for her brand. They are therefore unavailable anywhere else!

Plaats van de workshop

De workshop is gemakkelijk bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer.


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