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Meet Nicole.



Nicole is a passionate artisan who originally comes from The Netherlands and settled in Antwerp in 2016.

Her interest and background in food and art led her to set up a production line in food. With a clear interest in the technique of foodstorage known as 'Preserving', which involves drying, pickling, freezing, smoking, fermenting and canning. Her specialities are pickling and waterbath canning.

 In 2018, Nicole started 'Spijs & Valies,' where she seeks out condiments from around the world. Offering chutney, mustard and pickles through markets and deli shops in Antwerp and beyond.

Nicole's pickling techniques involve mixing different vegetables with vinegar and storing them in jars. She believes in using locally sourced, organic ingredients and enjoys the social aspect of sharing her passion with others.

Nicole's atelier is a reflection of her love for her craft, with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality. An interesting fact about her is that she also works a few weeks a year on a passenger ship as a chef, providing dinner to the guests.

Passionate, creative and dedicated to her craft, Nicole's love for food inspires her to keep learning and exploring the traditional flavours from around the world.